La Belle Rodriguaise
On the South Eastern coast of Rodrigues, delicately placed over superb white sandy beach of Graviers, sits the charming retreat of La Belle Rodriguaise. Your dreams of a place where life is relaxedand unhurried become your reality as you soak in the peacefulness and charm of La Belle.

Once you arrive you can feel the stress of life evaporating away in the tranquil, sundrenched atmosphere. The tropical breezes of Rodrigues will gently remove all the pressures of life as you settle in for most relaxing time of your life.

The guest house of La Belle is set in natural surroundings in a tropical garden extending over two hectares. On one side you will find the turquoise blue and greens of the ocean in its entire splendor beckoning to you and on the other the beautiful Mountain Chérie ( Darling Mountain)

Your view will be right in between soaking in the best of worlds

La Belle Rodriguaise
Plage Graviers
Rodrigues Island
Tel: +230 8324 040
Tel/Fax: +230 8314 607
Gsm: +230 875 0591 – +230 875 0556