Villa Mon Trésor
Situated in the valley of Anse aux Anglais at 15 minutes walk from Port Mathurin, the capital of the island, this guesthouse, known as "la Villa Mon Trésor" is surrounded by an exotic little garden which blooms all the year round. There, a special welcome awaits the visitor in the traditional manner proper to the islanders. Simplicity and warm-heartedness are synonymous of their way of life.

Anse aux Anglais is a seaside village which boasts itself of having been at the centre of British History when it played host to the Royal Navy with some 10'000 British soldiers on their way to fight the French Emperor Napoleon between 1809 and 1810 and win Mauritius for the British Crown.

Additionally, the notorious French corsair La Buse also made of this village the scene of his many escapades by burying his treasure in different spots.

At meal times our cuisine tells the tale of our reputation and our guests are engaged in likely conversations, centred around a variety of subjects ranging from history, culture, social evolution etc.

3 rooms with toilet and shower and a balcony
wifi connection
Laundry and babysitting
Car Hire

Anse aux Anglais Ile Rodrigues
Tel +230 8320 059
Tel/Fax +230 8311 660