Despite its small size, Rodrigues Island offers to incoming visitors many hidden treasures.

South Trip
You could start by visiting the Saint Gabriel Church found in the heart of the village of Saint Gabriel before driving along the south coast. You will admire different panoramic views before stopping in front of the scenery of the south lagoon and la Grande Passe, deep blue channel lying in the middle of an extraordinary turquoise water. Different Islands are found in the same lagoon. Then you could continue your way towards the southwest coast where you will discover the ancient coral quarry revealing a sand coloured environment. Dont forget to stop at Caverne patate or Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve to discover the astonishing stalagtites and stalagmites as well as the reintroduction of the giant tortoises in Rodrigues.

North Trip
You will start by visiting the Capital Port Mathurin a historic spot. The market will allow you to purchase Rodriguan products and handicrafts. You could then continue towards Baie aux Huîtres a lively fishermen village where you could fall in love with one of the most beautiful girls of the island. In the other direction you will discover two other villages Anse aux Anglais and Grand Baie.

East Trip
Driving towards the East you will move along to St Francois, the longest beach of Rodrigues. Further you could walk down to Trou D'Adrgent and Anse Bouteilles the two most enhancing beaches lying between two creeks. The legend relates the existence of a hidden treasure in those surroundings.

Ile aux cocos
Ile aux cocos is a natural reserve for fishing birds. You can hire a boat with its skipper who will be happy to bring you ton the island for a very relaxing trip. The nice beach a couple of kilometres from the main land will make you feel in paradise. Next to Ile aux Cocos you will notice its sister Ile aux Sables which is very similar. To visit Ile aux Cocos you will need to purchase a daily permit from Discovery Rodrigues a company looking after the National heritages of Rodrigues Island.